Vintage VW’s

I love Pre 1978 VW’s

I do Restorations, Projects, motor rebuilds, used parts for bugs, busses, campers (we specialize in Campers!), Trikes, and buggies for sale (more comming soon)

VW banner campersWell here are a few reasons I favor them so much.

They were intentionally designed to be the “people’s car”, inexpensive to drive and maintain and everyone could have a car.

They are inexpensive to purchase and Maintain. (price a new car lately, or repair red VWcosts)

Anyone with basic mechanical skills can keep them going, saving expensive shop repairs.

They Look Awesome and make you one of the Cool people.

They are very dependable.

They do well in snow.

Parts are everywhere new and used, and inexpensive.

The Bus is the original “mini-van” with seating for 8 easy with lots of storage space as well.

Good gas mileage.

You are “recycling” by keeping something already manufactured going, and Helping the environment by not polluting all that is emitted by the manufacture of a new auto.

Maintaining your own transportation is very sustainable and adds to your Freedom.

You don’t need to go into Debt to own one, again saving a ton of money on interest charges.

The motor or transmission can be changed in 4 hours. (I have done this many times)

A rebuilt motor or transmission can be purchased for under $1000, or rebuild yourself for half that.

They are fun to drive and maintain.

You have everything from a sports car (Ghia) to a  family car (Bug) a Mini van (Bus) an awesome RV (Camper), a pickup (single or Double cab), a mini hummer (Thing) all the way to dune buggies, sand rails, kit cars, trikes, and every form of modified VW’s.

71vw camper