Welcome! I’m Lane Hale.

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My goal is to help you live a happier and more successful life.

Our Story –

Dissatisfied with the work and conditions of my jobs early on I was determined to learn the qualities of how people become Successful. Through close study and observation I did just that. Using what I had learned I was promoted 27 times in my working career and I went from a factory worker making little money and a job I did not care for, to Plant Manager of a Fortune 200 company in charge of a 20 million dollar operation. I had quadrupled my salary and standard of living in 5 years time.  I have made companies millions of dollars using my techniques and  I have written and published books on Success. I had arrived, I had it all….well not really. Career success can only go so far to living a Happy and Fulfilling life. What happen next was a complete eye opening experience about True Happiness and Total Life Success far beyond money and material things..

Through a series of unfortunate events beyond my control I found myself unemployed. The wonderful life we had built was fading away quickly. This is where I had to look at life and make some major decisions. It also gave me the chance to see other possibilities and opportunities to grow. I had to ask myself “what do I really want to do and how can I be truly happy?  Our goal was to be secure but also enjoy more time together as a family and to pursue what we were really passionate about. Having been married for over 25 years and raising 5 kids we learned there is much more to life and being happy than just a successful career. Now we share with others through our “Passion or Poison” program how to live a successful life living your Passions to create a Life you Absolutely Love!



If you are wanting more out of life please contact us we would love to help you!


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