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Passion or Poison™ Extraordinary Life Programs.

We are Professionals and Specialize in teaching People how to live an Extraordinary Life.


Our  program is based on years of experience and study of the most Successful and Happy people to find Methods, Traits, and Habits that can be applied and repeated. Those “secret” ingredients to a Happy and fulfilling life. It is not just based on studying either, In addition we have a wide range of experience in Manufacturing, Construction, Retail, Teaching/Instructing, Performing, Management, and Executive Management for companies large and small, profit and non-profit as well as Owning many businesses and In our personal life having faced many Trials, Challenges, and Heartbreaks leading to a unique insight on What True Success and Happiness really is.


So often we fall prey to the Pressures of others giving up on our Dreams and the lives we were to live.

Do you feel like you are missing out on things that are really Important ?

Do you feel Stressed out, Trapped, and Discouraged?

Do you want to break free and finally have the Life you desire?

Are you ready to Live with Less Stress and More Freedom?

Are you ready to start being who you really are?


We Can Help!


14 -Life Hacks with the

Passion or Poison™

 Coaching Programs!

  1. Career and Home balance. (This is Critical!)
  2. Understand what is really important to be successful and Happy in all areas of life. (Three areas must be covered!)
  3. How to Learn from the past, and move on. (don’t keep doing what is not working anymore)
  4. How to Understand and develop your unique Talent and Gifts. (without this your Success is Very difficult)
  5. How to stay encouraged. (giving up on what we truly want in life is the #1 reason we never achieve Happiness)
  6. How to Overcome obstacles, limiting thoughts and behaviors. (We all have them, this is critical)
  7. How to See opportunities to increase success in your life. (they are everywhere if you can see them)
  8. How to Focus and stay on track. (distractions will consume you if you don’t know how to handle them)
  9. Learn Short and long term planning to achieve goals. (it is much more that just having goals)
  10. Constructive, Objective feedback. (We tell you where you are going wrong)
  11. Accountability. (Yes, we help you to stay the course)
  12. How to remove the “Poisons” that Destroy your Happiness and Success. (The faster you eliminate them the faster you Succeed)
  13. Learn New ideas and perspectives. (staying current and willingness to change is key)
  14. How to create a life with Less Stress, and More Happiness and Success.

Passion or Poison™


with Lane Hale