Why Recycle and Re-purpose? More Freedom and Less Stress!!!

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When it comes to having more of what you really want and spending less on what you don’t the thought of Recycling comes to mind. No, not the “put your trash in 4 different cans” kind of recycling, but True recycling. In my mind true recycling is using and reusing something until it has absolutely No more use.

We live in a world that markets the “New and Improved”, “You deserve”, and “This ZZZ will make you happier”. Well, I think we all really know that this is a temporary “high” of happiness at best.

What we often don’t realize is the wastefulness of our life and resources this turns out to be.

As an example I was taking the trash out to the can, I looked in the trash and saw plastic milk jugs and soda bottles. I thought to myself…. In just a short time I will be buying pots and planters for the green house as part of my plan to grow much of our own food. (very serious health and financial advantages here and it’s Fun too).

Hum… I could cut these jugs and bottles in half and have planters. The tops could be used as funnels…awesome. I could then use the money to take my wife out for a nice dinner.

Not only does this save me from buying pots and planters but it keeps stuff out of a landfill, I got to do something Fun with the money, and I feel better about myself for being part of the solution Not the problem.

I guess somewhere in the past it became fashionable and impressive to “waste everything and buy new even if it is not needed”. A sign of prosperity I guess, but a very wasteful plan for my money. There are other things I would much rather spend my money on…fun stuff!

My intent is not to deter you from having the things you really want and make you happy, but to simply make people think outside of the mass advertising and marketing box that can rob Your resources…Time and Money.

If you start looking at everything as “could I possibly have another use for this?” and “what could I do with the money I save?” You will find more money and time in your pocket, more Freedom, less stress, and a happier life.

Some basic points to remember:

  • For every $1 you save on things you did not really want to spend on, that is $1.66 you did Not have to make, this means More independence and less Stress.
  • You get yourself “off the addiction” of  impulse buying for “the happy high”. This is a  time and happiness robbing addiction that can Never be satisfied.
  • You become part of the solution, this makes you feel better about yourself and happier.
  • This makes you less dependent on the “rat race” and more self reliant.


I hope this helps and makes you think outside the Box.


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