The purpose of our existence?

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I find it interesting according to the bible  the  purpose of our existence is to learn to be more like God so we may, in the end, spent eternity with him, in paradise.

This life is a training session of the ways of God, it is like going to school everyday, the holy spirit is the teacher, and the Bible is the text book, Prayer is showing appreciation for the opportunity and for requesting a tutor or special help in life. We must study, and participate in the labs, the Trials are tests, that sometimes we fail and have to relearn the subject or even take the class again. Sometimes we don’t pay attention, we are distracted by the ways of the world, careers, money, power, greed, addictions, control,  all the distracting tricks of satin to get us to never learn the ways of God.

When we truly realize God’s purpose for us, we become aware that most of our life is spent being “distracted”, tricked into learning the incorrect material, deceived to pursue what will never make us happy or content, we learn the wrong things and we never achieve the wonderful life God has for us all.

These are just my thoughts, thinking out loud if you may, so Please spare me the theological debates.