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I learned from watching others and some Success programs how to get ahead. I was promoted 27 times in my working career and I went from a factory worker making little money and a job I did not care for, to Plant Manager of a Fortune 200 company in charge of a 20 million dollar operation in 5 years time. I have even written and published books on Success.  We enjoyed a high lifestyle. Nice house, Corvette, Mercedes, kids in private school, travel, you know the “American Dream” we are all to follow.

After thriving 10 years with the company a merger and reorganization was taking place and I could see it was only a matter of time until I would be let go as the other Executives were throughout the corporation. I could not believe this could happen to me after so much hard work, time I sacrificed and success I had achieved.  I realized then the “american dream” and security I thought was within it was a lie and a dangerous way to live. I needed to find another job, any job and fast. My wife  had left her career to stay home with our four kids.( a very difficult decision with Five Masters degrees and at the pinnacle of her career.) It was also at a time she was having issues with a pregnancy. The job market was not good and our “perfect life” was falling apart all around us.  At this point we needed time to rethink life and what we were going to do, so we moved down to insure stability and become debt free so this would never happen again.  I needed to find my focus after coming from a very successful but stressful 80+ hour per week career,  so my wife Nancy could have the baby (baby was fine),  and  for us to recover emotionally.  In need of a job fast and not really wanting to enter into another high stress life consuming career, I was just looking for a simple job. The Job I found, I will admit, was not what I wanted to do forever.  There was good aspects to it though,  it was a job, it did pay something (1/4 of what I was making), and most important it allowed time to think about life and direction.    But there was more, much more.

What was Discovered:

We discovered  Happiness is a “state of mind”  and our thoughts direct how we feel.  Being Happy is different than the “things that make us happy for only a short while”. We learned we could live on much less money and be happier as well.

We discovered Debt that we all just accept as normal can destroy your life and hold you in a self inflicted prison. The short term happiness you gain by “stuff” is far outweighed by the stress and worry of paying it off as well as the Freedoms you gave up so you can serve the debt. Time is the Only thing you can Never get more of, remember that.

We discovered that full blown careers for the sake of  making money had been robbing our Time, Freedom and we were missing some of the best things in life. We now had time to spend together as a family, to go to the kids activities, pursue what we really loved and just do simple things with a clear stress free mind.

We also realized  something Life Changing!

What you are around (people, places, activities) has an enormous effect on the direction of your life,  Thoughts, Attitude and Happiness. More so than anyone could imagine. Some People, Places, and Activities are even so Poisonous that they can Paralyze and destroy one’s Life,   if you do not recognize and avoid them.  YOU will Become What You are Around the most!

In addition to my business career I have been a professional drummer since I was young, something I thoroughly enjoy, and something I worked very hard at in order to play at a professional level. Having played and recorded for many professional bands and artists, and owning a recording studio I clearly have a passion for music. That too had seen some changes, pitfalls and setbacks due to many issues.  A learning experience on how to overcome. (yes I overcome and still play and produce music).

What we Learned:

  • How to build the life that you were intended to have with Passion, Love, Happiness and Freedom.
  • How to Simplify life- this is a Must to Live Free and Happy!
  • How  to SLOW Down and focus on what is really important. (Don’t miss the most important things in life that you Cannot get back)
  • How to overcome obstacles. (We often think all is lost and  we cant overcome what faces us (including our past), that is also the time we have the most opportunity to make changes for a better life)
  • How to stay Positive. (Don’t let others discourage or take your Happiness away from you)
  • How to keep a relationship and family together through very difficult times and stay focused on why you are together in the first place. (Don’t let the world steal your Love and Life)
  • How to Laugh. (this is actually healthy and a key to Happiness)
  • How to Love. (you get what you give)
  • How to achieve Purpose in life. (when you have no purpose, you become distracted, confused and unhappy)
  • How to stay in a positive environment. (this will make or break you)
  • How to live Healthy so you can enjoy life .
  • Most of all – How to Live a life of  Passion, Love, Freedom and Happiness. (this is what we all truly want and you Can’t buy your way there!)

Lane – Life is short, Live, Love and Be Happy!

Lane & Nancy- First and Foremost you Must understand What is most Important in Life !


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