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Learning to keep it Simple and Sustainable.

Our Story –

Dissatisfied with the work and conditions of my jobs early on I was determined to learn the qualities of how people become Successful. Through close study and observation I did just that. Using what I had learned I was promoted 27 times in my working career and I went from a factory worker making little money and a job I did not care for, to Plant Manager of a Fortune 200 company in charge of a 20 million dollar operation. I had quadrupled my salary and standard of living in 5 years time.  I have made companies millions of dollars using my techniques and  I have written and published books on Success. I had arrived, I had it all….well not really. Career success can only go so far to living a Happy and Fulfilling life.

What happen next was a complete eye opening experience about True Happiness  far beyond money and material things..

I learned that so called secure company job we all work so hard for wasn’t so secure after all (even when you are near the Top of the food chain) and it’s end for me came at the Worst possible time, with 4 kids and another on the way I found myself out of that lucrative job (due to a merger), no insurance,  a pregnant wife put on bed rest(she had just left her professional career to stay home with the kids (Nancy has 5 masters Degrees) , and so started our quest to never be in this deceptive and vulnerable position again. We learned having those “great careers” was not only lacking in any real security but had also been limiting our Happiness and Freedom. To us our family and free time were more important than the extra money. Our goal was to be secure but also enjoy more time together as a family and to pursue what we were really passionate about. Having been married for over 31+ years and raising 5 kids we learned there is much more to life and being happy than just a successful career and excess money. Now we share with others ways we have found to live a more sustainable secure life with freedom, while living our Passions to create a Happy, Meaningful Life we Love!

Now that’s a Great life!

Occupations/Position I have held on my journey –
Factory worker
Picture framer/manager
Small engine/appliance repairmen
Auto and power equip. parts counter person
Industrial and residential electrician
Industrial mechanic, pipefitter, welder, HVAC,
Quality manager
Maintenance manager
Plant manager – Manufacturing
IT database programmer
IT manager
Web site designer
Warehouse Manager
Production manager
Director of Production and Publications
Manager Editing and Graphic arts
Success/Business consultant
Director of Audio/video
Professional drummer
Recording engineer
Music producer
Owner – Drum Shop
Owner – Recording Studio