Passion or Poison ?



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I am so Excited to be able to help others create an Awesome life!

 I believe Everyone deserves to be Happy and live an Awesome Extraordinary Life.

I was once so frustrated with careers that let me down, money worries, and “keeping up”  that I did not even want to get out of bed in the morning. I wanted much more for my life. To be truly happy, not worry about money and to do what I loved to do and really enjoy my life. I found a simple and straightforward way to become Happier less stress and worry and create a totally Awesome Life!

It’s a new way of thinking breaking the rules of the Status Quo.


I call it –  The “Passion or Poison” Movement

This Awesome New way of thinking teaches You how to start thinking outside the box and create Your own new Extraordinary life of becoming Who You Truly want to be and live a life you love. 


  • I Believe doing what you Love and living your Passions is the only way we will truly Love our Life.

  • I Believe in living a life without worrying about money all the time.

    I Believe living in a Positive Environment is the only way to live.


I discovered everything in your life is either a Passion and sends you toward an awesome Life or a Poison that will leave you never finding it.


  • We Found by Living our Passions (the things that we really like and make us come Alive!) and Removing the Poisons (the things that Control, Discourage and Depress us) we can live the Totally Awesome Life !


It really is that simple!


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