Passion or Poison ?


I am so Excited to be able to get out of the Worldly rat race and create an Awesome life following Christ!

 I was once so frustrated with careers that let me down, money worries, competing and keeping up  that I did not even want to get out of bed in the morning. I wanted so much more meaning and purpose out of life. I wanted to be truly happy, not worry about money, not keep up with material things and not have to follow the world. So I pursue a simpler and straightforward life to clear the distractions and clutter so I focus on a more Christ like life. 

It’s a new way of thinking breaking the rules of the “just be like this” Status Quo.

I call it –  The “Passion or Poison” Movement 

I wanted an Extraordinary life of becoming Who I was Truly Created to be


  • I Believe doing what you intended and living your Passions is the only way we will truly Love our Life.

  • I Believe in living a life without worrying is what God intended.

  • I Believe living a Simpler Life is the only way to clear the distractions and see what Gods plan is for us.

I discovered everything in your life is either a Passion (seeking Gods will) and sends you toward God or a Poison (sin) that will leave you depressed, dissatisfied, and angry about life.